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At CJF Consulting we believe the major key to success in growing a business and differentiating it from the competition is “Communication.”

The four most important forms are:

Every associate in your organization is a sales person. Great communication skills from receptionist, sales, delivery and accounting are the keys to satisfied customers who will become your best sales people. For over 45 years C.J. Fishman has been honing the above forms of communication through practical experience and application. This has been achieved to date first as an employee of companies and for 32 years as an owner / operator of his own company with his own employees.

CJ believes the ultimate goal any company should strive for is to have your business be 100% continuing referrals by satisfied customers.

While this may not be 100% achievable he also believes a successful company should always strive for perfection and never settle for mediocracy. It is always easier to get a new customer when they are referred to you then when your people have to make cold calls.

CJF Consulting will work in person with your people individually or in a group teaching them the proven techniques of employee to customer communication and interaction.

Through this process and applied practical application your employees will differentiate themselves and your company from your competitors increasing the overall success of your business.

Contact CJF Consulting for a free initial consultation to discuss in more depth how we will help you differentiate your company from your competition.


Note: Pricing for our services can be on an hourly or project basis depending on your needs.

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(941) 468-9399


143 Miami Ave E Venice, FL 34285

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CJF Consulting© Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.